Programs for Limited English Proficiency Homebuyers in Los Angeles County

Executive Order 13166, entitled Improving Access to Services for People with Limited English Proficiency, requires federal agencies to take reasonable steps to provide LEP individuals with meaningful access to programs and activities run by the federal government. This includes providing guidance on how non-federal entities can provide meaningful access to LEP individuals and comply with Title VI and its regulations, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of national origin. To ensure that LEP individuals can effectively participate or benefit from federally assisted programs and activities, Los Angeles County has implemented several initiatives. The Los Angeles Interpreter Program (LIPA) helps first-time, low-income homebuyers purchase homes in the city of Los Angeles by providing loans to cover the down payment, closing and acquisition costs. This program is part of Los Angeles County's strategic plan for poverty alleviation, which focuses on the types of needs that applicants shared during the application process.

The judicial interpreter certification exam evaluates the language skills of applicants in both English and foreign languages, measures the skills of candidates in modes of interpretation, and establishes that candidates have the necessary substantive knowledge about interpreter ethics and professional responsibilities. In addition, in a proactive effort to ensure quality interpretation and translation services for an emerging population of indigenous immigrants, OJD has also partnered with the OLC to design glossaries of legal terms in several indigenous languages. The procedures specify how the translation will be published, which documents will be published only and which documents will be in Icelandic and English format. In 2000, only 5.6% of county residents over five years old reported that they spoke a language other than English at home. This number has likely increased since then, making it even more important for Los Angeles County to provide programs that help limited English proficiency homebuyers purchase homes. With initiatives such as LIPA and judicial interpreter certification exams, Los Angeles County is taking steps to ensure that all residents have access to housing opportunities regardless of their language proficiency.

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