What is the Average Size of a Home in Los Angeles County?

In Los Angeles, single-family homes are becoming increasingly popular as apartment living shrinks. According to research by Yardi's Storage Café, the average size of a single-family home has grown to 3,296 square feet, an increase of 196 square feet over the past decade. This growth is likely due to the state's relatively high cost of living and the expense of heating interiors in a freezing climate. The typical Ohio residence has about 1,620 square feet of space, placing Ohio in the bottom five in terms of home size across the country.

Hawaii ranks last in the country in terms of house size, with people in Oklahoma having slightly more floor space than their friends in eastern Massachusetts, averaging 1,746 square feet. Both are in the lower half of the ranking, but still slightly higher than the national average of approximately 1,760 square feet. Florida is still a popular housing market despite its smaller homes. But that smaller house would still look huge compared to the average post-World War II suburban home, which was 850 square feet. Keeping up with others is a real phenomenon in the United States, and that principle may be part of what is increasing the size of homes across the country.

New homes in Portland are now 20 percent larger than they were in 1910 and, as expected, average home prices are higher within the Portland city limits, and even higher for new construction. While the average home size has increased by 11 percent in Boston since 1910, the city's population density and lack of land have led to it having the smallest homes in the country. A little smaller than average, the typical home in Maine is 1,663 square feet, reflecting the size of many Northeastern states. However, Montana has seen a significant increase in home size over the past century and now has an average home size of 2,040 square feet - fourth highest among all US states. New Jersey also has relatively small homes with an average size of 1,740 square feet.

Texas ranks first in terms of housing size.The average home size in Arkansas is an affordable 1,792 square feet, and the real estate market itself is small, accounting for only 1 percent of residential addresses in the United States.

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