The Best Neighborhoods for Investment Properties in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is a great place to invest in real estate. With the laws of supply and demand, some neighborhoods in the city present fantastic opportunities for investors. According to recent statistics, rental prices in Westwood are among the highest in all of Los Angeles, yet the average purchase price of properties in this area is only slightly higher than in Silver Lake or West Los Angeles. It's no surprise that this neighborhood is so popular for rental property investments.

Another great place to buy properties with income potential is the most modern neighborhood in the entire city. The statistics show that local real estate prices are trending upward, but so far, buying rental property in Silver Lake remains affordable. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in a neighborhood that will one day be one of the most expensive in the city. Spend the day strolling along the Santa Monica pier or relaxing by the beach at nearby Venice Beach.

Visit the Museum of Flight to see planes on display. Take kids to the Mar Vista Recreation Center to play volleyball, basketball, roller hockey and more. Stop by the Mar Vista Public Library to attend story time or one of the many other events for children, teens and adults. Start your morning with a macchiato, matcha latte, or green juice from Alana's Coffee Roasters, and then return in the evening for an open mic night.

Dine at Sunny Grill, where you can't go wrong with a Garden burger or Club sandwich. Enjoy Taiwanese classics, such as Kung Pao chicken or Beef Chow Fun chicken and a Little Fatty Pink Rabbit cocktail. Or try the taste of Hawaii with dishes like fried Saimin or Loco Moco at Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe. See a dance show or attend an Acro Flow dance class at Stomping Ground LA.

Enroll the whole family in exciting aerial classes at The Aerial House. Bring your skates to do incredible tricks on the rails or practice your tricks with the soles of your feet at the El Sereno skate park. Visit the El Sereno Senior Center for seniors to attend a fitness class, a morning movie session, or a night of bingo. Support local small businesses every Wednesday as you stroll through the El Sereno night market.

Check out the latest book from the El Sereno branch library. Sit out on the patio and start your morning with a toasted bagel and iced pot coffee at Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea. Stop by Doughbox Los Angeles and try The Manny Special Deep Dish Pizza or The Griffin Pan Pizza. Or enjoy classic Mexican dishes, such as a grilled burrito, a combination of carnitas or tamales at Tamale Man. Located just 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena offers residents the perfect combination of urban proximity and urban living, with suburban convenience and a sense of community.

Known as the home of the world-famous Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena also has a wealth of historic buildings, countless delicious locally owned restaurants, theaters, museums, outdoor hiking trails, and sunny skies 300 days a year. The city is divided into four neighborhoods: Old Pasadena, Civic Center, Playhouse Village and South Lake Avenue – each with its own sense of community and style. These smaller, more diverse neighborhoods allow residents to develop an even stronger sense of community, giving each area its own charm despite its metropolitan location. Marina del Rey is located just south of Venice Beach and offers residents a coastal beach lifestyle without all the noise and hustle bustle of Venice Beach. The largest marina in Los Angeles is located here and docks full of boats, restaurants, beaches and more are located in its center. Residents can spend their days paddleboarding or kayaking in its calm waters or rent a small yacht to explore for a day. The ocean breeze and proximity to other bustling neighborhoods make Marina del Rey an idyllic place to have a home.

Free community events such as farmers markets, outdoor screenings at the marina and live music allow Marina del Rey residents to feel part of something bigger despite being part of such a huge metropolitan area. Public School Review ranks Westside Global Awareness Magnet as Marina Del Rey's best public school; there are also several renowned private schools within reasonable distance from this city. Brentwood is another glamorous neighborhood located between Santa Monica, Westwood and West Los Angeles. Its well-maintained tree-lined streets are home to impressive-sized homes with plenty of space in front and backyards as well as luxurious gardens. Discover Los Angeles reports that Brentwood has one of the lowest population densities in all of Los Angeles. Mar Vista is nestled between popular western neighborhoods Santa Monica, Venice and Culver City but remains lesser-known despite its attractiveness. According to The Los Angeles Times it expands just 2.9 miles but still has more than 37000 residents – making it one of LA's denser neighborhoods. Its excellent location combined with low crime rates, good public schools, nightlife diversity and sense of community have earned Mar Vista Niche's 15th spot out of more than 100 neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Mar Vista has plenty of locally-owned public parks, restaurants, shops and businesses making it quickly become one of LA's most desirable places to live. Owning a home in Mar Vista comes with plenty of perks: enjoy classic Mexican dishes such as grilled burritos or carnitas tamales at Tamale Man; take kids to Mar Vista Recreation Center for volleyball basketball roller hockey; visit El Sereno Senior Center for fitness classes morning movie sessions or bingo nights; stroll through El Sereno night market every Wednesday; check out books from El Sereno branch library; start your morning with bagels from Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea; try Manny Special Deep Dish Pizza from Doughbox Los Angeles; attend Acro Flow dance classes at Stomping Ground LA; enroll family in aerial classes at The Aerial House; skateboard at El Sereno skate park; dine at Sunny Grill; enjoy Taiwanese classics from Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe; see planes on display at Museum Of Flight; relax by beach at nearby Venice Beach; support local small businesses every Wednesday.

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